Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

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Kimchi Fried Rice

Stacked with kimchi, mushrooms, and different veggies, Korean kimchi singed rice (kimchi bokkeumbap) meets up in less than 30 minutes and makes for an incredible weeknight supper. Top it with a delicate bubbled egg for a consummately adjusted dish.

A flavorful bowl of seared rice is all you need for an ameliorating dinner on non-weekend days, here are a few renditions Hibachi Singed Rice, Egg Singed Rice, Schezwan Singed Rice, Custom made Southern style Rice and Mushroom Singed Rice.

About the Recipe

Kimchi seared rice likewise called Kimchi Bokkeumbap is Korean-style singed rice made utilizing cooked rice, developed kimchi, gochujang glue, and veggies.

This Korean rice pan-seared with zesty kimchi is really simple to make and meets up in less than 20 minutes. It is high on flavor, needs next to no exertion, and can be made with veggies, fish, smoky bacon, meat, hotdogs, or eggs.

It is an extraordinary dish to utilize extra rice and can be redone to suit your sense of taste. This dish is an incredible method to utilize aged kimchi, like kimchi noodles and kimchi omelet.

The Korean solace food can likewise be an incredible side dish for your end of the week Asian informal breakfast or can be ready for potlucks or lunch boxes.


Rice This formula turns out best when ready with day-old rice. Newly steamed rice is damp and delicate and when pan-seared, it can get soft, which isnt exceptionally decent in a pan fried food dish! In this way, on the off chance that you have extra rice, you realize where to utilize it.

Utilize any little or medium grain steamed rice. Basmati rice likewise works impeccably.

In the event that you are cooking the rice new, spread it on a heating plate and freeze it for 15 minutes prior to adding it to the wok as cool rice functions admirably.

Kimchi Kimchi is effectively accessible in the Asian segment of the supermarkets. You can likewise arrange it online on Amazon. The extra fluid from the kimchi is likewise utilized in this formula.

On the off chance that the kimchi isnt developed, you wont get sufficient fluid. All things considered, supplant the setback with rice vinegar.

Mushrooms give a decent smash to this dish. I have utilized normal catch mushrooms yet different assortments like enoki, portobello or shiitake will likewise be fine.

Go ahead and utilize different veggies, for example, carrots, ringer peppers, broccoli, Asian greens, green beans, child corn, spinach, kale, and so forth. You can even add tofu, which can be an extraordinary protein-rich option to this pan-seared formula.

Margarine Spread truly oomphs up the kind of this dish. You can cook this seared rice in vegetable oil or sesame oil, however margarine is energetically suggested.

Others You will likewise require garlic, onion, and green onions while pan-searing the rice. In the event that you like that garlicky flavor, increment the amount of garlic.

For the Sauce The sauce is ready with a mix of toasted sesame oil, kimchi fluid, nectar, gochujang (Korean stew glue), and rice vinegar. This sauce is loaded with flavors and in a split second adds profundity to the singed rice.

Gochujang is discretionary. I like to add it for the fiery kick that makes this rice additionally uncommon. Nectar is added for a little trace of pleasantness that truly supplements the fiery kinds of gochujang and kimchi.

Non-Veg Alternatives Add destroyed chicken, shrimp, fish, fresh bacon, cooked pork, egg, or disintegrated wieners to this rice to make a non-vegan adaptation.

How to make Kimchi Fried Rice?

Sprinkle a tsp of sesame oil over the rice and utilize your fingers to blend it, so each grain of rice is covered with oil, and there are no large bunches.

Mix together 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil, 1 tbsp kimchi fluid, 2 tbsp gochujang, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, and 1 tbsp nectar in a bowl and put away.

Warmth 2 tbsp unsalted margarine in an enormous wok over medium warmth. A slim round-lined wok will work best however you can utilize a wide skillet as well.

At the point when the spread is liquefied, add 2 tsp minced garlic, cup chopped onion and cup cleaved green onion to the wok and fry briefly.

Add cup crushed and slashed kimchi, and 100 g of cleaved mushroom and cook for 3-4 minutes, blending occasionally.

Presently add the sauce that we blended before, and the cooked rice to the wok. Throw and pan fried food until the entirety of the fluid has been consumed by the rice (3-4 minutes). You can tell when the rice is prepared when it cushions up and quits being tacky.

Top with hacked green onions and top with a delicate bubbled or seared egg. Serve hot.

Much of the time Posed Inquiries

Which kimchi would it be a good idea for me to use to make this dish?

Settle on kimchi, which is no less than about fourteen days old. As it develops, kimchi goes through lactic corrosive maturation, which changes over the sugars in the cabbage into lactic corrosive. This makes it taste harsh as well as builds the measure of glutamic acids. This cycle makes it taste harsh and adds a profundity of flavor to it.

You will likewise get more squeeze from developing kimchi instead of recently made ones. Assuming on the off chance that you need more kimchi fluid, supplant the deficit with rice vinegar.

Is kimchi seared rice veggie lover?

Typically, kimchi has non-veggie lover fixings like salt water shrimp or fish sauce. So to make it a veggie lover, you can settle on vegetarian kimchi. Peruse the marks cautiously while getting them.

You will likewise need to supplant nectar with earthy colored sugar for a veggie lover rendition.

Ace Tips

Utilize extra rice to make kimchi singed rice for the best surface. It turns out quite isolated and doesnt turn soft.

Shower 2 tsp of toasted sesame oil onto the rice and coat each grain with it before you add it into the skillet. It will keep the rice from clustering up and staying together.

How to utilize Kimchi? Open the holder and take out the kimchi in a bowl. Crush it utilizing your fingers to get the juice. Presently keep the juice to the side and slash the kimchi.

Despite the fact that we will add the juice back to the rice, crushing the kimchi is significant else it wont be caramelized while pan-searing in view of the fluid in it. Caramelizing the kimchi extends the flavor.

You can change the warmth level, by adding pretty much kimchi and gochujang to the formula.

Make this singed rice spread for an additional taste.

Serving Ideas

Serve this seared rice all alone, as it is high on flavor and doesnt actually require anything as an afterthought. However, on the off chance that you are making it for your informal breakfast or a unique dinner, you can serve sheet skillet fiery Korean chicken, kimchi noodles or other Korean plans as an afterthought.

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